About Us

Pain Relief Place was created to provide people of all ages that may be experiencing acute or chronic pain, with healthy, affordable, easy to use, alternatives for relieving and preventing their pain symptoms that do not require medications or a prescription.  We offer a variety of quality pain management devices available through our online store to meet client’s individual needs. Our professional and courteous agents are available to answer questions you may have regarding merchandise and Pain Relief Place services.

Chronic or acute pain can affect our daily lives resulting in sleeplessness, increased stress, decreased physical activity,  mood changes, and missed work, to name a few.  At Pain Relief Place, we strive to improve the lives of pain sufferers, promoting the ability to take control of your pain symptoms, whether it be a TENS/EMS unit, herbal hot/cold pack, a topical application, or a combination of devices and simple lifestyle changes such as incorporating light exercise or stretching, a healthy diet, or meditation. 

Control your pain….manage the quality of your life.