HiDow Replacement gel pads Large


The electrodes simply connect to every HiDow device where it can be placed anywhere on the body.  Our replaceable electrodes ranging from sizes Small to Extra-Large to address any parts of the muscle.  Feel free to mix and match the sizes to best fit your TENS/EMS preference.  Pad dimensions 2″ x 3″. 

Tens Unit Massage Pads Maintenance and Care:
Always remember to apply a few drops of water on the sticky surface of both pads before and after use
To maintain the cleanliness of the TENS/Massage pads, always apply a few drops of water and cover them with protective films after use
Depending on usage, each pair of massage pads may last for more than 2 months.

When should electrode pads be replaced:

  • When they can no longer stick to the skin.
  • When intensity settings are faulty and muscle contractions are uncomfortable.
  • When the adhesive is filled with non-removable dust, dirt, or hair.
  • When the massage pads completely lose their adhesiveness,  purchase replacement pads are recommended.

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